Why We Chose Coconut-Soy Wax

Coconuts on a beige background

Natural based candles are gaining popularity as more people (like you) are joining forces to preserve our planet through eco-conscious shopping decisions. However, due to the mass demand for soy aka “the king of beans”, there has been environmental and cultural repercussions. These include: increased levels of deforestation and displacement of farmers and Indigenous peoples.  

Let’s be clear, there are pros and cons to every wax and to sourcing any raw material in general. We wanted to find a wax that was most aligned with our values, that also had the least amount of environmental implications.

Our coconut-soy wax is primarily made from coconuts. Coconuts are considered to be a highly sustainable raw material because the coconut tree can be used in its entirety!  The leaves can be used for muscular pain, while the roots can be used for a natural remedy tea. The coconuts themselves can be harvested by hand, which allows more room for jobs, without the environmental impacts of using heavy machinery to do the work. When harvesting a coconut tree, you are ensuring that no part will go to waste and is ultimately why we decided to use coconut-soy wax for our products.

With love, 

Em and Madi xo


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