Our Story


Photo Credit: Gabby Frank

What started out as a passion project has bloomed into a business that showcases our love for homemade products, quality ingredients, and of course, fragrance. 

Meeting in college in 2019, we formed an instant bond and spent most of the school year finding ways to work together. Fast forward a certificate in Public Relations and one global pandemic later, we found ourselves struggling to find inspiration. Through the support of our loved ones, we chose to chase our dreams and become our own bosses. The Olfactory Lab is a creative space where scent meets psychology, and we are hoping you join us on our journey to discover what fragrances inspire you. 

We would like to give a special shoutout to all those who are putting in overtime for their loved ones. You are the real heroes, and The Olfactory Lab is our love letter to you. 

Our story is only just beginning. We hope you’ll join us!

xo Emily & Madi