Candle Burning 101

A lit Cloud Nine candle on a beige material against a marble background.
  1. Trim Your Wick
    Regardless of whether it’s a cotton wick or a wood wick, all wicks need to be trimmed to ¼ before each burn. This is for the safety and for the longevity of your candle. Having an untrimmed wick can lead to a higher and unstable flame, by trimming it before you light, you are giving your candle the best possibility of a slower and safer burn for you to enjoy. 

  2. BPE (Big Pool Energy)
    You may have experienced a candle or two in your life where it seems that the wax is burning through the centre and not to the edge of the jar, leaving a “tunnel” in the middle. Oddly enough, wax has memory. It is important that with each burn (especially the first) you allow your candle to burn for at least 2-3 hours so it has time to get to the edge of the vessel and to minimize the chance of your candle tunnelling.

  3. Keep It Even
    When lit and during cooling, always keep your candle on an even surface.

  4. Know When It’s Over
    You may notice that your candle does not burn to the bottom surface of the jar, this is normal and intentional. About  ½” of wax should be left in your vessel. The reason comes down to safety. Without some “buffer wax” the jar can become too hot on your surfaces. We recommend cleaning out your jar and up-cycling your glass! Or collect 5 jars and be a part of our recycling initiative The Burn and Return Program

  5. Up-cycle or Recycle
    Looking for ways to reduce and reuse? HERE we've linked some inspiration on how to repurpose our vessels. 

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