The EASIEST Way to Remove Leftover Wax!

The EASIEST Way to Remove Leftover Wax!

So, you’ve reached the end of your candle and you’re wondering what to do now. Before you toss away your jar, we wanted to offer you another option - REMOVING THE WAX AND REUSING YOUR JAR!

There are 2 ways to remove wax from a jar, the heating method or the frozen method. We have tried both so you don’t have to. The Frozen Method is the one we prefer because it is faster, cleaner, and you can repurpose the leftover wax.

Let’s get started. For this you will need: a frozen candle jar, 1 butter knife, and 1 cleaning cloth 


Step 1: Place your candle jar in the freezer for 30-40 minutes

Step 2: Remove the jar from the freezer (be careful - it’s cold!) and grab a butter knife OR a spoon

Step 3: Use butter knife to press into the wax firmly (the wax should start to crack)

Step 4: Continue this until you are able to scoop out all of the chunks of wax

Step 5: Remove the wick and wick holder

Step 6: Wash your jar with soap and water

And there you have it! A clean jar that can now be repurposed.

#TOLTip: Any leftover wax can be used in a wax melter.

Because being sustainable is so important to us, we love encouraging our customers to reuse our products any way we can. Hopefully you learned something new today and can take steps to start your own sustainable journey!

Xoxo Emily & Madi

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