Candle Covers

Our candle covers are made from seed paper, meaning you can plant them! They are biodegradable, and low maintenance. The best time to plant your seed paper is between March-May for best results.
Below are examples of the types of flowers you can grow:
• Bird's Eye
• Black Eyed Susan
• Catchfly
• Clarkia
• Snapdragon
• Sweet Alyssum
*All seed paper from The Olfactory Lab is to remain within Canadian borders. We recommend you plant your seed paper in Ontario. Check with your city guidelines before you plant your seed paper to determine if your seed paper contains native species to your region, and not invasive. If they are invasive to your region - do not plant.  You can find what kind of wildflowers you can expect to bloom from our seed paper above. SEED PAPER IS FLAMMABLE, PLEASE KEEP IT AWAY FROM THE CANDLE WHEN LIT.*